• " We are the servants of the Lord. ​
    ​Be you all helpers in this cause "

    Swami Vivekananda


The Sri Ramakrishna Math in Rishikesh extends a warm invitation to the public to participate in the diverse array of activities outlined by Swami Vivekananda for the service of humanity. Individuals eager to offer their voluntary services are encouraged to reach out to the Math Office. Additionally, admirers and devotees who resonate with our mission but are unable to directly engage in our activities are kindly invited to support us by contributing to one or more of the Funds that greatly benefit from their active participation. Your generosity helps us further our mission of serving others with compassion and dedication.

At Sri Ramakrishna Math in Rishikesh, devotees are kindly requested to contribute towards the funding of regular activities that sustain the spiritual and service-oriented endeavors of the Math. Your generous donations play a vital role in supporting daily rituals, spiritual discourses, educational programs, and charitable initiatives that benefit the community. Every contribution, no matter the size, helps uphold the mission of the Math and ensures the continuation of its noble work. Your support is deeply appreciated and enables us to serve with love, compassion, and dedication.

Pay on the Go

UPI Payments Accepted through the QR Code provided here.

Please send your Name, Address, PAN (Mandatory for availing 80G) or Aadhar Number  and the activity that you are donating for, for the receipt to be generated and send an email to rishikesh@rkmm.org